Serana hunt-hughes lives in Dookie, rural Victoria. She grew up on a dairy farm at Katandra West not far from where she now lives and spent her young adult life working as a Cameleer and Horse Trainer in Central Australia.

Her current photographic work is a personal observation of how the land that she loves and the horses that she works with exist within the structures of human control. Studying the nonverbal languages of both. her work has also focused on recording the communities she has lived in and worked amongst over the past several years.

Listening Land is an ongoing photographic series in which she explores the strengths of the landscapes that surround her.

"Feeling an uncomfortable displeasure for the way that modern society functions and having never really felt that I belonged to it, has led me to observing the land around me. I strive to recognise the life within the Bodies of landscape that remain after colonial stripping, restructuring and continuing local farming practices, pursuing my relationship with it through attention, observation and listening.”

Nomads Squared a photographic series of horses, how they manage their relationships within human confines of small squared off pieces of land, human expectations and often ignorance.

Serana works as a remedial practitioner of troubled and traumatised horses, closely observing the way that horses and people communicate non-verbally when together.

“Serana has a powerful photographer’s eye. Her images are intimate yet monumental. She captures tentative, fleeting expressions in ways that communicate unique and compelling character. Serana’s work rewards multiple viewing and creates strong place memory”

Esther Anatolitis,  Executive Director NAVA

Exhibitions,  Awards and Residencies

2017-2018 Professional development via personal research.

2016 Artist in Residence, Shepp Train Project, Shepparton Festival

2015 Solo Exhibition Dookie Behind Doors SAM

2015 Solo Exhibition Dookie Behind Doors  Head On Photo Festival

2014 Finalist Black and White Spider Awards

2013 Group Exhibition Olive Cotton Award  Tweed River Art Gallery

2013 Solo Exhibition Silo Series  Shepparton Festival

2013 Finalist Olive Cotton Award  Tweed River Art Gallery

2013 Honorary Mention  Black and White Spider Award

2012 Solo Exhibition Dual, a Solitary Peace  Head On Photo Festival

2012 Solo Exhibition Around Winston Street No Vacancy Gallery

2012 Semi Finalist Moran Contemporary Photography Prize

2011 Group Exhibition Olive Cotton Award  Tweed River Art Gallery

2011 Solo Exhibition Around Winston Street Head On Photo Festival

2011 Finalist Olive Cotton Award  Tweed River Art Gallery 

2011 Finalist Black andWhite Spider Award

2010 Solo Exhibition Fragments of Here Shepparton Festival

2010 Semi Finalist Moran Contemporary Photography Prize

2009 Solo Exhibition On a short rein SAM


0408 180 695   info@seranahunthughes.com